Our crystal clear values

  • FLU1D

    New Media production requires a better, more streamlined approach. Just more fluid.

  • N3RDS

    Yes, we are absolute nerds, geeks, whatever you want to call us, and guess what we are proudly waving the nerd flag.

  • Worldwide

    Location doesn't matter, we have built a solid remote work pipeline that enables anyone to join us from all around the world - secure and easy.

  • Filling the gaps

    We fill the gaps that currently exist in production. We are the hub for all information on data and technical processes.

  • C0ms

    Is work communication different from getting a bunch of people all over the world to raid a dungeon in Azeroth? Nope. That’s our mantra, no mass meetings, smart 1:1 talks, all fluid using the absolute best gaming tools. Slack? Zoom? Teams? No thank you!

  • Change

    Always upgrade all the systems. Maintaining old workflows, old software and hardware is expensive and slow, we are built from the ground up to be as modular as possible, if something new comes along we are ready for it.